Pet Health

You and Your Pet’s Health

Disease Information

Diseases Transmissible Between Pets and Humans
Information from the U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control (Healthy Pets–Healthy People)

Animal Parasitic Diseases
Companion Animal Parasitic Council
American Heartworm Society

Common Communicable Viral and Bacterial Pet Diseases
Common Diseases — Cures and Prevention
Animal Health Channel
Washington State University Pet Health Topics

Travel Considerations

Traveling With Your Pet — pet friendly hotels, airlines, and travel regulations

Pet Behavior

Behavioral Considerations
Pet Behavior Issues

Pet Health Problems

Pain and Your Pet
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (in-depth explanation of pain and clinical signs)
Integrated Pain Management from North Carolina State University Teaching Hospital

Poison Control
American Humane Society Poison Control     1 888 426-4435     $50 consultation fee
Pet Poison Hotline                                                      1 800 213-6680     $35 consultation fee

Vaccination Guidelines
University of California–Davis Vaccination Guidelines

Pet Dentistry Related Issues
Veterinary Oral Health Council

Pet Rescue and Adoption

Rescue and Adoption- Kennel clubs and rescue:
Genesee County Animal Control — Pets for Adoption

Medication Identification

Pill Identifier Pill Identifier